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Orion names generally come in three parts: a first or given name, a family name, and an honorific or nickname. Nicknames are generally not used among non-Orions. First names tend to be short, but members of older and prouder families are sometimes given longer names. Orions prefer names that are memorable and easy to pronounce so that they stand out from the crowd. Unless ver well-known or respected, Orion family names are rarely mentioned in public. Family names identify an individual’s relations, allegiances, and enemies-too much information for an Orion to reveal to another Orion. In business, an Orion nearly always identifies him or herself by both first and family name to any non-Orion, since most races expect such it in discourse of business activity. Less reputable Orion families are extremely reluctant to let any Orion know their surname.

Orion family names tend to have open vowels, and a high frequency of ‘k’, ‘s’, and ‘v’ sounds. For example, consider "Na’aa", "Staviroloschok" (pronounced stov-ih-roll-ose-choke), or "Koltek" (pronounced coal-tek). If the name hisses, snaps, and sounds a trifle nasal, it is likely Orion.

By the time he reaches adulthood, a male Orion has probably acquired at least one nickname that marks some prominent characteristic or accomplishment of his. Most of these are flattering: Tenacious, Strong, Fortunate, Unsparing, Bloody-Handed, or even Dirty. The proper Orion honorific always follows his given name, as in "Hubin the Burned", or "Aram the Unconquered". When the honorific is intended to be uncomplementary, the honorific preceeds the given name, as in "Deacon Repto", or "Crazy Drelk".

An Orion is usually called by his first name and honorific, plus any title he may have while among Orions. Fond of titles and distinctions, particularly if earned, Orions enjoy springing them as suprises on unsuspecting enemies. Imagine the emotion of the trader Delk the Brash when he discovers that his caller is not simply his old pirate buddy Donat the Unlucky, but Assistant Planetary Trade Consultant Donat-with a few thugs to settle some tax liability.