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Rigel BC-II/Ugoan


Ugoan is the only gas giant within either Rigel star system, and is a massive one to say the least. Over twice the size of Sol's Jupiter, Ugoan was nicknamed by early Terran explorers as 'The Big Red Machine' partly due to the fact of it's intense spin ratio, rapidly moving and shifting gaseous storms within it's dense atmosphere and the numerous occupied and industrial-exploited moons that are trapped within it's massive gravity well. Almost a system onto itself, Ugoan has 12 inhabited moons, two of which are class M and are populated with space stations and a myriad of other relative facilities. One moon is extremely unique in that it's entire surface area is covered in water. Much of Fah'thom's massive ocean is populated by marine life-forms still uncharted by scientists from across the galaxy that have come to study this unusual marvel.

As the primary launch point for the old Orion Empires, (and possibly even far more ancient civilizations as per evidence between the plethora of moons), Ugoan is the major interstellar 'junkyard' of the galaxy. Either littered with space debris leftover from endeavors long past and those currently present, the Orion colonial council along with Starfleet have begun an effort to clean up much of the space garbage within the micro-system. Starfleet also operates a moderate-sized shipyard facility orbiting and attached to one of the mighty planets many asteroid moons, which have been credited with the development of several new Starship designs and production of much needed vessels during the Dominion War.

Often during the Rigel year on anyone of it's many planets, the dual suns radiate off the dense red clouds that make up the outer layers of the gas giant allowing Ugoan to shine nearly as bright as Betelgeuse in the night sky of the local Rigel worlds. Once theorized to be a potential 5th Rigel star within the system, the mighty crimson giant is an awe inspiring site to even the most seasoned spacer to dawn their eyes upon.