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Rigel I/T’ugn



Rigel A Supports 12 planets, 7 of which are inhabitable.


Rigel I is a class D Planetoid that barley classifies as a true planet. It resides on the inner side of the Hakiel Belt and is one of the most inhospitable places in the known galaxy. It is not dissimilar to the Terran Jovian Moon IO, being constantly stretched by Rigel A's massive Gravitational forces. Its surface is the consistency of molten mercury, supporting no life or structures, despite Rigel's long history.

Rigel I is an airless Class J rock with only automated mining equipment. When the Hakiel Radiation Zone (which shields the rest of the system from Rigel's lethal ionizing radiation) occasionally knocks out the cybernetic controls, volunteer engineers clad in heavy radiation armor and heavily shielded ships arrive on Tugn to repair the equipment.

The severe magnetic disturbances in front of the Hakiel Zone can be deadly, and the environment within it is indescribably so. As the planet's mining equipment collects molten metals from the planet's surface, Rigel I is not recommended for emergency stops.