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Rigel VI/Sirk



Rigel VI is an interesting nothing planet-wise, but more than makes up with its vast importance as an economic hub of the Rigel system and the Orion worlds for a millennia, and possibly longer. A Class K world with no resources, it does have a brilliant ring system as it circles the larger Rigel VII. From a distance, its cratered orange/brown surface and thin yellowish rings are very beautiful in its basic harshness. However, the planet is useless for agriculture, containing little air, no standing bodies of water, and no extractable minerals for mining. At one time, anti-piracy forces were based on its surface, sponsored by the Orion government and a token force to say the least for also being notoriously corrupt.

Although being a planet with no real resources, and possessing an original landscape similar to Sol's Mars, Sirk is also a planet in Trojan orbit with the larger Rigel VII. It's proximity to Orion (Rigel VIII) and the other Orion worlds have made it the ideal spot from which to conduct commerce. It is believed that Sirk was terraformed by the old conquers of Rigel just enough to allow carbon based life to survive. They then began construction of the now historically recognized info structure of the present day Rigellian Trading Guilds. Of the 6 Major Cities on the Planet, and the countless Spaceports littered through its rocky deserts, Sirk is now the most important export and import world in the Rigel system, coordinating most of the Trade Rigel does with the rest of the galaxy. It is said that anything can be found on Sirk if one looks hard enough and digs deep enough. Sirk is also home of the infamous SCUD racing events that were once a controversial issue among many UFP members. The Practice has since been regulated into an official sport, but several old enthusiast insist that the 'challenge' has been lost in the more controlled rings of today. Still, their are known underground rings of SCUD's still active to this day, on world’s farther still from Sirk itself. In its Natural state, Rigel VI is often blistered with sand storms and tornado's they make up its chaotic environment. Pa`dogada city is the Capital of Sirk, with about 250 million inhabitants.