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Rigel VII/Aulia



The Infamous Zemtar Fortress on Rigel VII, named so after the Kaylar tribal region where it is located


Rigel VII, known as Aulia by the Orions, is an abnormally large class M world orbited by a large Luna like Moon and Sirk in its purple sky. Once upon a time it is believe Aulia was used as a prison or a penal settlement by the original ruler's of Rigel but has long fallen into disuse.  The remnants of the former colony are still very present and has sparked archeological intrigue throughout the Federation. Unfortunately the planet is far from barren and has made such studies extremely dangerous if not impossible at best. One inhabitant in particular is a race of Neandertholoid creatures called the Kaylar. Technologically quite primitive, the Kaylar rate a D-plus on the scale of culture, and it has become general practice to avoid Rigel VII altogether. Early attempts at contact have resulted in violence and armed conflict as the Kaylar prefer Solitude. One of the most famous encounters was the ill-fated away team of Captain Christopher Pike, commander of the original Starship Enterprise while they were on an archeological study of the planet. This generally realized 'ban' on the planet has opened up invites for daring Pirates and other criminal's generally seeking to avoid authorities. Of course they do so at their own risk of death by its brutal inhabitants, if they're not caught by the sophisticated detection net operated from Sirk.




Kaylar Male