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Rigel VIII/Botchok




Rigel VIII, referred to by the Orion Natives as Botchok is a class M world supporting a local native Population of about 9.5 billion, most of whom are Orion. It is orbited by 2 small moons and a unique multi-tude ring that surrounds the planet which include much smaller asteroid-sized moons. Also possessing a Lavender, indigo sky, the native Orions are perhaps referred to as the dominant race of the Rigel system. Once slaves from their beginning, the Orions overthrew their masters of the last Dynasty to control Rigel before the Orion Dawn and the Federation, the Nine Worlds Alliance in rough Translation. The Orions went onto colonize the other 2 Minor planets of the Rigel Sector and the outermost planets of Rigel. All of whom were dilithium rich, the Orions had a huge resource in forming their economic Imperium and further expanded into the Orion arm. Currently, through countless losses of Colonies, or conquered worlds of whatever reason, their are over 32 Orion Colonies spread out through the Federation, Klingon Empire and the remaining Non-aligned colonies, making the Orions one of the most populated species in the Federation and the known galaxy. Orions are divided into 3 Categories, Ruddy, Green and the few remaining grey Orions.


The 'Rings of Orion'


The rings of Orion and the two dominant moons have a certain dynamic impact on the planet itself. Unlike Terra,  Orion spins almost perfectly on it's access, allowing starlight from it's three suns to touch every part of the planet at most points in it's yearly revolution. In essence, their are no 'seasons' on Orion, at least not in the traditional sense for a populated class M world. The only portion of the planet that is temperate is the equatorial region surrounding the planet and several latitudes north and south of that line. 40% of the planet is covered in unusually large ice caps which dominate the planets poles and stretch down into lower latitudes. Essentially, Orion is caught in a permanent 'Ice age'. The fortune of the unique Orion seasons come with it's placement to the stars of Rigel. It's position allows starlight from Rigel A and Rigel BC to nearly dominate the landscape a whole two thirds of it's whole year. During this extended summer season, much of the dominate ice caps melt several latitudes above the equatorial regions. This warming effect causes an intense shift in the planets jet streams, formation of intense storm clouds that ravage the planet for a whole Orion month. This is traditionally known as the monsoon season, which revitalizes Botchok's ecosystem like clockwork. Another contributing factor is the effect the rings of Orion have upon the atmosphere. They reflect and enhance the starlight from Rigel's suns and provide a multiplying factor of sunlight during the days surround the equatorial belt. This allows the region to remain tropical at the equator, temperate at higher and lower latitudes, while maintaining the distinguished ice caps during the winter season. While not entirely a unique occurrence in the known galaxy, Botchok/Orion is the only planet of such a nature that supports a massive populace.


The planets distinctive teal and purple skies are tainted by the huge amounts of industrial waste within the atmosphere. Likely developed along with the modern day Orion infrastructure during the 'New Days', as well as much as the Atomic wars of ancient times plays a continuing role. Despite this, Orion boasts some of the largest and most sophisticated and dense cities in the known galaxy, spanning across the equator through continents and massive island chains. The cities are as eclectic as it's people, some being the most brilliant splendor one could hope to find, as well as the most run-down and foul ghetto's one could imagine. Nevertheless, Orion has become a major Trade world through it's checkered history. Not even Ferenginar can boast over the innate wonder that is Orion.