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Rigel X/Onot


A popular waypoint for weary travellers from across the known galaxy, Onot is believed to be a gas giant that didn't quite develop. It's thick atmosphere consisting of unusual chemical properties traps enough heat in to keep a dusty Nitrogen/Oxygen atmosphere in place. It's properties are similar in a sense to the Terran systems Venus, but in reverse. The planet is in a sense in an eternal and natural nuclear winter, with consistant and varying seasons of violent ice storms that produce intense electro-magnetic storms in the upper atmosphere, making it quite a challenge to navigate to the surface or to even survive on it's barren and rocky terrain.

Sorros Trade Complex on Rigel X

Despite it's less than luxurious options as a "Vacation Planet", Onot is yet another example of an Orion mining world. Scattered and rugged settlements of cobbled together and makeshift starports interlace with it's modest industrial mining infrastructure. The planet is also very plentiful in raw neutronic fuels, and the planet also makes it's place in the Rigellian market as a major Deuterium refinery center for the Rigel system.

Earth Starship Enterprise NX-01 approaches orbit of Rigel X in 2151