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Rigel XI/Pliu





The Great "Rock" in space, Pliu is a figurative as well as literal gold mine. It's enormous wealth of raw minerals and metals amidst it's hellish surface of thousands of volcanoes, geothermal eruptions, and intense gravity did not stop the ancient sovereigns of Rigel and later the Orions from setting up mining operations across the massive landscape and it's miniature asteroid belt around the planet. The thousands of intense volcanic eruptions across is chaotic surface spews beautiful stellar rainbows of molten particles into a hazing cloud around the planet. It is believed this constant geological activity created the astroid field that exsists today nearly enveloping the planet in a jubilated and intensely colorful fog. The particles cool over time, combine with other particles forming meteors that eventually come crashing into the giant rocks surface, beginning the process anew.


Much of the ore mining takes place in heavily fortified installation just beneath the most stable parts of the planets surface, as the volcanic surface activity and almost routine meteor showers make any structure upon the surface untenable. The fortified mining and mineral refinery installations are generally automated with little manpower deployed in this hostile environment. Nearly all the installations are operated from orbital colonial habitats circling the planet just beyond it's dense belt of asteroids. The planets thick tectonic plates are layered in chaotic fashion throughout the planets crust and core regions, making earthquakes also as deadly are seasonal orbital bombardment. Most modern installations upon the surface are equipped with seismic stabilizers and modified inertial dampeners to compensate for this ever active rock.