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Name: Kyle Amano Roberts
Current Rank: Commodore
Actual Age: 42
Resembled Age: 40
Birth Year: 2335
Marital Status: Single
Height: 6'1
Weight: 210 lbs
Hair: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Species: Human
Ethnic Heritage: Irish American, Cantonese/Japanese


Birth Place: Rigel IV/Valosm
Languages: Terran English, Rigelian, Orion, Rigelian Trade Lingo, Basic Klingon, Japanese
Interests: Hockey, Martial Arts, Old Anime Cartoons, Xeno Archeology, Starship Design, Piloting
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Basic Education 4 Years in Rigel IV/Terran Grammar School
High School Level Education, no dedicated Public Education system existed on Sirk/Rigel VI. Instructed by Scholar Tutors.

1 Year Cadet for the Andorian Merchant Marine
2 1/2 Year Space tour training for the Federation Merchant Marine

2 years of Starfleet Academy (Exprierience in multiple Merchant Marines was acredited by order of the Commandant of SFA and Commodore Sir Richards, 2357 )
1 Year Field training (Flight School, Izar), 1 year Advanced tactical Training.


Service Record:
 2359-2360: Founded Advanced Flight Academy on Izar prime.
 2360-2361: Lt. JG Aboard the U.S.S. Potemkin
 2361-2362: Lt., Tactical Officer, U.S.S. Republic
 2362-2363: Lt. Commander, 1st officer U.S.S. Republic
 2363-2364: Special Missions Assignment *Classified*
 2364-2366: Commander, Captain U.S.S. Yorktown-C
 2366-2367: Captain, U.S.S. Yorktown-C
 2367-2368:"                                           "
 2368-2370:"                                           "
 2370-2371: Loss of Yorktown-C, Department Supervisor Utopia Planitia
 2372-2372: Captain, U.S.S. Yorktown-D
 2372-2373: "                                              "
 2373-2374: Captain, Special Forces Operations, Dominion war - Borg Armada incident
 2374-2375: Commodore Feild promotion
 2375-2376: ASDB Supervisor, Utopia Planitia Shipyards, Mars (Sol IV)
2376-2377: Field Commander, DS4 Defense Task Force, Breen Border
2377-2378:"       "
2378-2379: Special fleet Operations, Draconis/Pack Front
2379-Present: Flag officer of R Task Force and the Atlantis Sector, Kellinan Reach




Born on Rigel IV, or Valosm. Kyle was the first Son of Gabriel Roberts (Starfleet Captain) and Serina Tanaka.

Gabriel Roberts: Decended from Irish/American ancestry, dating back to New Jersey in the late 20th Century. Elite Starfleet Captain, CO of the U.S.S. Hornet and a member of Commodore Sir Richards Special task Force (2330). Died in a mysterious accident on Rigel IV along with his fiance` and Kyle's Mother Serina.

Serina Tanaka: Grand Daughter of Senzo Tanaka, owner of Tanaka Mining Corperation throughout the Rigel system and beyond. Serina's Mother was of Terran Cuacasian origin, while her father decended on the Tanaka Bloodline. This heritage dates back to Pre-World War III Asia, during the time of the Eastern Coalition. A Political juggernaut of that Government, the Family consisted of Cantonese and Japanese family's, possibly joined through political marriage. After the 3rd World war, the remaining family members colonized the first Terran Rigel Colonies over 300 years ago, setting up mining and shipping firms with the Orion Worlds, Rigel, and the rest of the civilized galaxy.

(It is suspected that Senzo Tanaka is a practioner of the old ways of the Syoshi Otaku or 'Black Guard'. A lethal political entity and elite guards for the Asian Eastern Coalition forces before and during the 3rd world war.)

Kyle grew up with his Mother on Rigel IV, living realativly good with good public education but rarley seeing his father due to his duties. It was hear that Kyle was trained by his Grand Father in the ways of his heritage and Family, as well as Economical and business education linking to the Tanaka Corperation. His Mother was a well respected and liked Political figure in the Rigel Colonial council and even to the Federation Council.

During a meeting in 2343 between Serina leading the Tanaka business board and other rival  Orion Corporation the buidling in which they were holding  the event, was suddenly ravaged and destroyed by an explosive.  Most of the top Tanaka Executives were killed in the blast, including Kyle's Mother & Father. Soon after Kyle's  Grandfather was assasinated by Orion Syndicate hitmen, as well as other faithful Tanaka family members and associates. It was feared that Kyle, and his new born baby brother Sean would be undoubtably targeted by his family's rivals as well. To prevent this, remaining loyalists of the Tanaka Family hid Kyle and Sean with associates on Rigel VI, which at the time was a Neutral Orion Planet. Both would live in seclusion with his foster Rigelian Godmother Esteline in the urban sections of the Port World of Sirk/Rigel VI, thus being unnoticed by his Family's rivals throughout his Teenage years. He went by the name of Kyle Bryce, instead of his Birth name of Kyle A. Roberts

Through this time, Kyle learned to live on the Streets, aquireing friends and getting into his fair shared amounts of trouble. He was an advent fan of SCUD Races, which were generally outlawed or Regulated throughout the Federation and won several windley publcized races and some underground ones as well. He also was a participant of Orion inspired Hockey Leagues, playing in many widespread competitions during his youth. He also fell into a world of survival and Criminal activity, resulting in his 'skill's being recognized by an elite and underground order of Ganzii, roughly translated from Orion into 'Hired silence' or Assassin Guild.

The Ganzii trained many street youths from an early age to enroll as assasins in their adult life. Very few survived the insane and rigorous training process, including training in the knowledge of nearly all invented Weapons and Fighting Styles in the established guidline in order that all members of the elite guild could utilize most weapons they came across. He even passed the final requirment test of surviving for a month on Rigel VII, with only his Bladed weapon. He eventually decided against becoming a fulltime assassin or criminal hitmen, having no real desire to kill for money that nearly cost him his own life.

He left Rigel VI at the age of 17 fearing his activities would lead his younger brother into a life of crime,  thus       beginning a life in the Andorian Merchant Marine. He earned a reputation as an excellent Quarter master and pilot, (not to mention quite a hustler in the illigitamit bars and establishments around Rigel, including the Barros Inn. He was involved in a betting incident with a certain old Trill that resulted in the Barros Inn being burned down, during his time in the Federation Merchant marine.)

Before enlisting in the Federation Merchant marine, Kyle again found himself making the quick money by working for an illicit Salvage Operation, Maa`sta Extractions. A Front Company for several Orion Pirate Cartels, he made money in the Salvage of Pirated vessels, after being coordinated by the Cartels. This work eventually led to his past coming to a head. His Family's Rivals caught up with him and attempted to kill him once and for all.

Through the help of his friends in Salvage, and his unrelenting  search to finally encite justice upon his Family's Murders, he ended the long fued and avenged his parents death by finacially and personally disrupting the Operations of the Rival Corporations, executing the Sole Arch Executive responsible for his families execution. As a result, his Familes Corporate assets and stock were inherited and regianed by Kyle. He in turn, turned over control to scattered and surviving members of his mothers families staff, deciding instead to join the Federation Merchant Marine. He didn't want his past to come out and incriminate his family name or the Cooperate busniess and livelyhood of so many, and went off on his own again.

**Federation Merchant Marine Database:
 File on Kyle Roberts  Classified under Starfleet Intelligence Order 496521.2, Starfleet Command**

During his time in the Federation Merchant Marine, Kyle found his way to Starfleet and began his traning studies on Izar. He majored in Advanced Field Engineering, Starship Design and Established the first dedicated all purpose Piloting Corps on Izar, setting an unprecedented standard for all Cadets to follow.   He          also became a legend in the field of Stellar Aviation.

His final year at the Academy was part of the Advanced tactical training Course, where half the inducted class washes out every year. Kyle Graduated from the Advanced school with Class peers Will Riker and Mac Calhoun, graduating 3rd in his class (Out of 50).


Personality Profile:
Calm, Cool collected under preasure. Kyle attempts to keep his more agressive tendancies under check. Something he's always practiced since he was a Child and learning Martial arts, to adopting the Orion code of Cluros. Though not known to many, once unleashed for a deep enough reason Kyle's agressive side can only be equaled by the most agressive species ever encountered. Perhaps dealing with his traning in the Ganzii, to perhaps pent up frustration and his criminal lifestyle growing up can only be confirmed by Kyle himself.

His Cold, professional side reflects a man considered a tactical genius by his peers and foes alike. Possibly making more enemies then friends, his temperance and training reveals an exceptional officer who doesn't feel detered in anyway about expressing whats on his mind. Even to higher ranking officers and any person respectivly, Kyle lives by the rule that 'Trust is Earned, not given away". This often rides on the nerves of his fellow officers, which doesn't bother Kyle one bit. He'd like to keep his fellow officers on their toes. He is also know for smoking hand rolled dutch cigars, rumoured to be laced with a peculiar red-orange Rigelian herb that has been cultivated for 300 years and legal in the modern Federation.



Fitness 5
 Vitality + 2
Coodination 5
 Dexterity + 1
 Reaction + 2
Intellect 5
 Perception + 2
Presence 5
 Willpower + 3
Psi 1


Administration (Starbase Administration) 5
 Starship Administration (5)
 Fleet Administration (5)
Artistic Expression (Martial Arts) 3 (4)
 Bass Guitar (3)
Athletics (Hockey) 2 (3)
 Martial Science (5)
 Mountain Climbing (3)
Command (Starship Command) 5 (6)
 Starbase Command (5)
Computer (Research) 1 (2)
Culture (Human/Terran) 2 (3)
 Orion (4)
 Rigelian (4)
 Klingon (3)
Diplomacy (Intergalatic Affairs) 2 (3)
 Business Deals (3)
Dodge (5)
Energy Weapons (Phaser/ Alien Pistol) 4 (5)
Espionage (Intelligence techniques) 1 (2)
First Aid (Wound/Combat Trauma) 2 (3)
History (Federation) 2 (3)
 Human (3)
 Orion (4)
 Rigelian (4)
 Rigel (4)
Intimidation (Bluster) 3 (4)
 Federation Standard 3
 Orion 3
 Rigelian 3
 Rigelian Trade Lingo 3
 Klingon 1
 Japanese 2
Law (Federation/ Starfleet Regulation) 4 (5)
 Rigel System (5)
Material Engineering (Starship Design) 3 (4)
 Advaced Warp Propulsion Theory (3)
 Tactical Weaponry (4)
Personal Equipment (Comunicator) 1 (2)
 Metal Lighter 1 (2)
Persuasion (Debate) 2 (3)
 Barter (3)
Planetside Survival (All Terrain)
 Rigel VI (4)
 Rigel VII (4)
Primitive Weaponry (Orion Sword of Cleavance) 5 (6)
 Various Bladed and Blunt end Weapons (4)
Propulsion Engineering (Warp Drive)
Search 4
Social Sciences (Xeno-Archeology) 2 (3)
Space Science (Astrophysics) 2 (3)
 Astrigation (4)
Shipboard Systems (Command) 3 (4)
 Flight Control (4)
 Sensors (4)
 Tactical (5)
Starship Tactics (Romulan) 4 (5)
 Cardassian (4)
 Dominion (4)
 Draconan (4)
 Vegan (4) +1 *
 Breen (4)
 Klingon (4)
* Only Starfleet Commanding officer with intimate knowledge of how to combat the Vegan Tyrrany Armada’s
Stealth (Stealthy movements) 4 (5)
Strategic Operations (Frontier Strategies) 3 (4)
 Fleet Engagments (4)
Systems Engineering (Weapons Systems) 3 (4)
Theology (Rigelian) 2 (3)
 Orion (3)
 Terran (3)
Unarmed Combat
 (Starfleet Hand to Hand training) 4 (5)
 Jujistu (5)
 Ganzii Martial Blend (6)*
Vehicle Operations (Various small Stellar and atmoshpere operating craft as well as most species Starships. Can adapt to exotic and strange controls)
World Knowledge (Rigel System) 3 (4)
 Botchock (Orion) (4)
 Earth (3)


Alertness (+2)
Alien Upbringing (+1)
Ally (+4) (Admiral Sir Richards, Starfleet)
Ambidexterity (+2)
Athletic Ability (+2)
Bold (+1)
Commendation (+3) (Vegan Incident, Arkanis attack, Dominion War)
Contact (+3) (Romulan, Klingon and Cardassian Governments. Orion/Rigel system Coorperate Administrators)
Eidetic Memory (+3)
Engineering Aptitude (+3)
Excellent Balance (+1)
Excellent Hearing (+2)
Excellent Metabolism (+1)
Excellent Sight (+2)
Famous Incident ( Vegan Incident, Arkanis, Dominion War)
Favor Owed ( )
High Pain Threshold (+2)
Innovative (+1)
Language Skills (+2)
Multi-Tasking (+2)
Night Vision (+2)
Peripheral Vision (+1)
Patron (Toyatomi Michika, Tanaka Corp Executive)
Quick-Draw (+2)
Rapid Healing (+1)
Resolute (+3)
Sense of Direction (+1)
Sexy (+2)
Shrewd (+1)
Species Friend (Klingon, Tagrohn/Orion/Rigelian) (+4)
Strong Will (+2)
Tactical Genius (+3)
Toughness (+2)
Weapon Master (+5)
Zero-G Training (+2)
Chronic Pain (-2)
Code of Honor (Cluros) (-3)
Dark Secrect (-3)
Bad Chemoreception (-1)
Hides Emotions (-2)
Marked Man (-3)
Obligation (-2)
Obsessive Tendacies (-2)
Rival (Zelus) (-3)
Shady Background (-5)
Speices Enemy (Romulan) (-4)
Sworn Enemy (-3)
Vengeful (-1)

Courage:  10

Renown: 68

 Aggresion: 16 Discipline: 12  Inivative: 14
 Openess: 8  Skill: 20

Wound Levels: 5/5/5/5/5/5/0