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Profile: 2382

Name: Kyle Amano Roberts
Current Rank: Commodore
Actual Age: 47
Resembled Age: 40
Birth Year: 2335
Marital Status: Single
Height: 6'1 ft. (1.83 meters)
Weight: 200 lbs (90.72 kilograms)
Hair: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Species: Human (Augment: Meta Sapien)
Ethnic Heritage: North American, Cantonese/Japanese


Birth Place: Rigel IV/Valosm
Languages: Terran English, Rigellian, Orion, Rigellian Trade Lingo, Basic Klingon, Japanese
Interests: Hockey, Martial Arts, Old Anime Cartoons, Xeno-Archeology, Starship Design, Piloting
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Basic Education 4 Years in Rigel IV/Terran Grammar School
High School Level Education, no dedicated Public Education system existed on Sirk/Rigel VI. Instructed by scholar/tutors.

1 Year Cadet for the Andorian Merchant Marine
2 1/2 Year Space tour training for the Federation Merchant Marine

2 years of Starfleet Academy (experience in multiple Merchant Marines was accredited by order of the Commandant of SFA and Admiral Sir Richards, 2357 )
1 Year Field training (Flight School, Izar), 1 year Advanced Tactical Training.


Service Record:
 2359-2360: Founded Advanced Flight Academy on Izar prime.
 2360-2361: Lt. JG Aboard the U.S.S. Potempkin
 2361-2362: Lt., Tactical Officer, U.S.S. Republic
 2362-2363: Lt. Commander, 1st officer U.S.S. Republic
 2363-2364: Special Missions Assignment *Classified*
 2364-2366: Commander, Captain U.S.S. Yorktown-C
 2366-2367: Captain, U.S.S. Yorktown-C
 2367-2368:"                                           "
 2368-2370:"                                           "
 2370-2371: Loss of Yorktown-C, Department Supervisor Utopia Planitia
 2372-2372: Captain, U.S.S. Yorktown-D
 2372-2373: "                                              "
 2373-2374: Captain, Special Forces Operations, Dominion war - Borg Armada incident
 2374-2375: Commodore Field promotion
 2375-2376: ASDB Supervisor, Utopia Planitia Shipyards, Mars (Sol IV)
2376-2377: Field Commander, DS4 Defense Task Force, Breen Border
2377-2378:"       "
2378-2380: Special Fleet Operations, Draconis Outback
2381-Present: Flag and Commanding officer of USS Ascendant

Kyle's Uniform

1) Flag Officer "Bomber" Jacket 2) Flag Officer Customized Duty Uniform





Captain of the starship Ascendant, and noted figure in space exploration, general science and engineering, refined and unconventional interstellar military tactics in the late 24th century.


Born on Rigel IV, or Valosm. Kyle was the first Son of Gabriel Roberts (famed Starfleet officer) and Serena Tanaka (famed diplomat of the Rigellian Trade Authority.).

Gabriel Roberts: Descended from North American ancestry, dating back to Northern New Jersey and New York City in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Elite Starfleet officer, Chief of Operations aboard U.S.S. Yorktown-C, commanded by Commodore Edward Sir Richards Special task Force (2330). Died in a mysterious accident on Rigel IV along with his fiancé` and Kyle's mother Serena.

Serena Tanaka: Grand Daughter of Kyo Tanaka, CEO of Tanaka Mining Consortium throughout the Rigel system and beyond. Serena's mother and father was of Terran-Augment origin, being of the Tanaka Bloodline. This heritage dates back to Pre-World War III Asia, during the time of the Eastern Coalition.

Syoshi Otaku: During the 2030's, American, Italian, and Japanese radicals sought to resurrect and improve the 'Sapiens-Augmentation' experiments of the late 20th century. The original experiments, which gave rise to the beginning of the Eugenic Wars on Earth and birthed such tyrants as Khan Noonien Sing and Mohamed Al-Sayid. Under the direction of United States military commander, Colonel Samuel J. Green, and the corporate dynasty that was the Yutani corporation, three generations of enhanced Augments were created for use in a possible world war which was brewing in the growing Eastern Coalition (China, Vietnam, Kyushu, and the Indonesian Republics). The final products of these experiments were Gen 3 Meta-Sapiens, or more historically know as the 'Syoshi Otaku' or 'Black Guard'.

These Augments differed from their original batch created some 50 years prior. Of all Asian genetic stock, advancements in genetic engineering allowed Yutani scientists to not only enhance the Syoshi's physical abilities, but to better control DNA sequences that caused violent and megalomania behaviors in Khan's generation. Intelligence was double that of normal humans, strengths were five times as great, and the Augments life spans were doubled. Immune to most known diseases and chemical substances, the Syoshi were also bred to withstand extended rigorous spaceflight and given the ability to survive in low oxygen environments. Their enhanced strength allowed them to endure gravitation forces in excess of 20 standard gravities, and their respiration systems only required 34% of that which normally sustains human life. As they were trained by the most advanced military personnel humanity had to offer, schooled in the most prestigious of environments, and cultured in the ways of the Ancient Samurai, the Syoshi were perfect candidates for Special Forces, included but certainly not limited to Fighter pilots, paratroops, low oxygen environments, advanced mechanized infantry control and operation, and hand to hand combat. Yutani had created in essence, the perfect breed of soldiers.

How many were successfully created, and the missions they undertook during the 3rd world Terran conflict is a mystery. In 2055, with the war coming to an end at the brink of global nuclear annihilation, the Syoshi knew their actions during the wars would lead them to be hunted down taken to trial, and exterminated by the remaining post-nuclear rabble and loose-nit governments around Earth seeking. The Syoshi staged a revolt against their Yutani and American creators and devised a plot to leave what they saw as a doomed world. Acquiring over 12 sub-light sleeper vessels, ranging from DY-350 class to an experimental anti-matter driven DY-732 class, they gathered all the equipment they needed, as well as refugees from war scorn Japan, China, and southeast Asia, and set out to colonize a new world.

The Autumn: An early DY-732 vessel, equipped with a rudimentary chemical/anti-matter plasma drive, this vessel was unique among all the sleeper ships Earth had constructed up until this point. It's purpose was to pierce the fabric of subspace and create a spatial-fold link to another star system, Proxima. The ship had yet to be fully tested before the Syoshi commandeered the vessel over Luna, and used it to lead their fleets escape from the Solar system. Their plan was to cryogenically suspend themselves, journey to Proxima and return to Earth when humanity had learned to become something more than instruments of their own destruction. During the flight around the Solar System, an member of Colonel Green's fanatical party and creator of the spatial-fold engine had stowed away on the prototype. Figuring he could return the ship to Earth after proving his theories of Elway theorem propulsion, Dr. Alejandro Sovales activated the drive as the small fleet of 12 ships it was leading had made their first pass around the Jovian moon Io. The Syoshi, and their volunteer refugee companions were in cryogenic suspension at the time, as Dr. Sovales activated the Autumn's subspace drives the vessel created an unstable wormhole which drew it and the ships into the rift. The Autumn, herself, was never heard from again...

The Rigellians: The year was 2087, when the 12 ships of the refugee fleet entered the edges of the Verex star system, quiet and at slow sub light speeds. They were soon detected by a passing Rigellian scout vessel that was making a catalog of a local Latinum filled Nebula on the edge of Orion controlled space. The Rigellians boarded, seized, and claimed the ships as their own, bringing the dozen primitive sleeper vessels to Rigel IV for resell and disassembly. Perhaps fate had intervened, but shortly as several Rigellian vessels towed the Earth vessels into Rigel IV's orbit, they were soon met by Representatives of the Valosmi. Unknown as to their general reasons, the Valosmi purchased the Rigellians claim to the vessels, and brought them to Rigel IV's moon, Halos, to reawaken the crew.

The Deal: As legend has it in the Tanaka Family, the Syoshi were revived first among the other Terrans. Why the Valosmi awakened the Augments instead of the natural Terrans is still debated to this day, perhaps recognizing their unique nature among this new species they had discovered. Some have even said that they represented a religious 'sign' to the Valosmi, the manifestation of an ancient prophecy of sleeping visitors from a one-moon planet circling a distant yellow star. The Valosmi did indeed have access to the fleets database before they had awakened them. To this day, not even their descendants know the true reason of why the Valosmi chose not to allow the fleet to fall into Rigellian or even Orion hands, becoming new fodder for their slave labor forces.

The Valosmi conferred deep within their chambers beneath the moons surface of what to do with the new comers. It was decided that in exchange for their services, they would be allowed to reside on Rigel IV, as so many other species in the Rigel System had done. Such services included working for the Rigellian Trade Authority, in administration mostly. In exchange, the Valosmi gave them a section of land of the beautiful planet below and allowed them to keep the contents of their primitive ships to help them build a new life beneath the Rigel suns. The leader of the Syoshi, Sho Tanaka, agreed, soon landing on their designated plot of land, reviving the rest of the Terrans aboard, and building the city of Neo-Hong Kong which exists in spectacular fashion to this day.

Early Childhood:

Kyle grew up with his mother on Rigel IV, living relatively good with good public education but rarely seeing his father due to his duties. It was here that Kyle was trained by his grand father in the ways of his heritage and family, as well as economical and business education linking to the Tanaka Corporation. His mother was a well respected and liked political figure in the Rigel Colonial council and even to the Federation Council. The Tanaka family had also grown to a sizable consortium of their own within Rigel, and even had a respected seat on the Rigellian Trade Authority. Something many aspiring Orion families took immense issue with over the past three centuries. The Orion respect for the Valosmi kept them in check, leaving the Tanaka family and Neo-Hong Kong to flourish.

Kyle himself, was somewhat of an outcast within his family. Since he was not fully 'Syoshi', he was resented by his pure blooded cousins and relatives, despite being the family heir. While not as strong as his cousins, and lacking several critical genomes and enzymes which had to be corrected at birth (due to Augment DNA and RNA sequences becoming mutated be new alien diseases over the two centuries the Rigellian-Terrans have coexisted in Rigel, sudden recombination with normal human DNA caused several common and unfortunate side-effects), Kyle was still exceptional even to his grandfathers harsh eyes. The stronger his opponents were, the harder he fought, the smarter young Kyle became. The enhanced abilities of his family were evident in the boy, as well as several feared reverting alterations to his genome that was otherwise bred out of the Syoshi in the early 21st century, Kyle was subject to the extreme emotions associated with typical Augments. While cool and collected for a child, Kyle was prone to unprovoked violent behavior, and an unyielding competitive spirit that often got the best of him. Still, he was trained equally with his family peers in the ways of the Syoshi and ancient ideas of Bushido.

During a meeting in 2343 between Serena leading the Tanaka business board and other rival Rigellian, Bolian, and Orion Corporations, the building in which the conference was being held, was suddenly ravaged and destroyed by an explosive.  Most of the top Tanaka Executives were killed in the blast, including Kyle's mother and father. It was later discovered that both Serena and Gabriel were kidnapped under the cover of a terrorist act, taken to a remote asteroid cartel outpost, and executed in brutal fashion by the Orion Syndicate. As an example to others who would dare propose changing millennial practices of the RTA and Orion Cartels. Soon after Kyle's  grandfather, grand mother, and many of his extended family were assassinated by Orion Syndicate operatives, as well as other faithful Tanaka family members and associates. It was feared that Kyle, and his new born baby brother Sean would be undoubtedly targeted by his family's rivals as well. To prevent this, remaining loyalists of the Tanaka Family hid Kyle and Sean with associates on Rigel VI, which at the time was a Neutral Orion Planet. Both would live in seclusion with his foster Rigellian sere gate  Esteline in the urban sections of the Port World of Sirk/Rigel VI, thus hoping to go unnoticed by his family's rivals throughout his teenage years. He went by the name of Amano, instead of his birth name of Kyle A. Roberts. (2343-2351).


Through this time, Kyle learned to live on the streets, acquiring friends and getting into his fair shared amounts of trouble. He was an advent fan of SCUD Races, which were generally outlawed or regulated throughout the Federation and assisted in winning several widely publicized races and some underground ones as well for friends who were professionals in the sport. Though, never receiving recognition for his achievements. He also was a fan of Orion inspired Hockey Leagues, following intently many widespread competitions during his youth, but never participating himself. Kyle also fell into a world of survival and criminal activity, being nearly a card carrying member of the Orion Revenge Society or 'Ganzu', thugs whose purpose were to violently 'work people over' for clients, an ancient practice on the Orion side. This resulted in his 'skill's being recognized by an elite and underground order of Ganzii, roughly translated from Orion into 'Hired silence' or Assassin Guild.

The Ganzii trained many street youths from an early age to enroll as full-time assassins in their adult life. Most were recruited from desperate youths, skilled, but possessing no hope of moving out of poverty or their criminal mischief's. Very few survived the insane and rigorous training process, including training in the knowledge of nearly all invented weapons and fighting styles known in the established guideline in order that all members of the elite guild could utilize most weapons and technologies they came across. While even passing the final requirement test of surviving for a month on Rigel VII with only his bladed weapon, something no human had done to that point, he eventually decided against becoming a fulltime assassin or criminal hit men, having no real desire to kill for money that nearly cost him his own life. Always knowing his stay on Sirk was tenuous at best, Kyle decided to leave his brother and the care of his godmother and relocating them to Betazed a protected Federation world where they would be safe. Leaving the Rigel system altogether, never planning to return, Kyle set course for the stars themselves, something his blood boiled to do.

Leaving Rigel VI at the age of 17 fearing his activities would lead his younger brother into a life of crime, the teenager began a life in the Andorian Merchant Marine with his close friend, Coltak Zienn, a Ruddy Orion whom Kyle had befriended for years.. He earned a reputation as an excellent Quarter master and pilot, befriending and becoming involved with an Andorian girl, Telan for a time. It would also be neglectful to mention how Kyle dawned a reputation of being quite a hustler in the illegitimate bars and establishments around Rigel, including the Barros Inn. He was involved in a betting incident with a certain old Trill that resulted in the Barros Inn being burned down, during his time later in the Federation Merchant marine. Not even six months into his tenure in the Andorian Merchant navy, Telan had offered Kyle an opportunity to earn much more then he had been making in the charter fleet. Telan knew of an elite pirate captain who was in need of elite people. She had quite a reputation herself as a merchant of rare and unusual artifacts, and knew Kyle was certainly no ordinary Terran. And, with Kyle's untamed desires for danger and adventure, he and Coltak were easily convinced by Telan to join the wayward crew. Again, he disconnected himself from civilization. No one and nothing could find him, and for a time, he readily enjoyed it.

Joining the famed and rather infamous crew of the 'Theft be a Lady", a fast, sturdy, and deceitfully well-armed craft commanded by a seductive if not infinitely-wise joined trill female named Cellastra, Kyle again found himself making the quick money by working for an illicit Salvage Operation, Maa`sta Extractions. A Front Company for several Orion Pirate Cartels, he made money in the salvage of pirated vessels, after being coordinated by the Cartels or directly participating in the pirating of large convoys, civilian vessels, isolated colonies, and even Klingon Warships when he thought he could pull it off. As a result, he rose quickly through the rugged crew, from being an initial boarding party member alongside the most disreputable of alien trash, to commanding and coordinating many pirating activities of the vessel as the ship Quartermaster.

The crew was certainly filled with a cavalcade of disreputable from across the galaxy. Dishonored Klingons, anarchist Chalnoth, thuggish Nausicaan mercenaries and elite Breen privateers, Kyle was not only distinguished by his daring actions and competent decisions as a human, but as a human adolescent, he was something of a phenom. Among such a crew of wavering loyalties on the price of the booty they would obtain, this earned him extremely good friends, and the worst of enemies. The work eventually led to his past coming to a head. His Family's Rivals caught up, informed by Ferengi merchant who bribed one of the Thefts crewmembers to provide information on Kyle. He had had dealt him wrong once in a deal over purchasing defective Romulan disruptor cannons from the Ferengi merchant. Daimon Kass was looking for a way to properly repay Kyle, providing information to several Orion friends he had made who in turn informed the Cartels of the Orion Syndicate. With Kass's help, they attempted to kill Kyle once and for all.

During an operation to capture and raid several stolen Romulan vessels, the crew of the Theft came under attack by a much larger fleet of the Cambora Cartel at Tau Delta 9. During the engagement, Cellastra and much of the Theft's crew had been killed and the ship near destruction. Kyle took command of the ravaged bridge and set a course for Tau Delta 9 itself. Out of desperation, Kyle launched a tri-cobalt warhead into the star creating a geodesic spatial-fold through time and space, plunging the ship into the rift under hot pursuit from several Orion raiders. The ships vanished, reappearing several light-years away near the Klingon controlled Orion colony of Vestra. All the pursuing vessels crew had been liquefied from the travel through the deadly spatial rift, but the remaining crew of the theft had generated a meta-phasic field throughout their ship, allowing their organic material to survive the arduous journey. Unfortunately for the Theft, she had circumvented her last star, as Kyle and the remaining crew crash landed the ship on the far side of the Vestra colony, scuttling the ship after they were planet bound. The few remaining survivors loaded up what gear they could and made their way to the colony. Kyle had hoped to blend in with the colony inhabitants, laying low for a while before setting course for uncharted territory where he could finally find some peace. The enemies of his bloodline however, had other ideas.

Several months had passed before the Syndicate had caught up with Kyle and the crew they thought destroyed at Tau Delta 9, tracking them down through informants to the Vestra colony. Kyle, Telan, Coltak a ruddy Orion friend Kyle had since his time on Sirk, Delvna an Orion girl, and Jes Mellyk a young Bajoran boy and survivor of the occupation that Kyle took under his wing, had been eking out a meager and clandestine living within the Klingon controlled colony. Kovak, a dishonored Klingon who was a member of the Theft's crew as well as a feisty Gorn named Slorr set Kyle up in several underground pit fighting rings where the son of Rigel had made an impressive name for himself as an undefeated fighter. Together, despite their differences, they all took care of one another, looking out for each other. Perhaps due to the fact that Kyle's brilliant maneuver at Tau Delta 9 had saved their doomed lives, they rallied around Kyle especially, becoming a sort of 'family' of their own. His time here also was recognized by the daughter of the Klingon governor of Vestra, Raeltor, for whom which they had become involved with each other to her father, Korros's, objection. Though, even the Klingons had to admit and recognize the young Terrans innate warrior spirit, and moved to make Kyle and his friends lives there comfortable and profitable.

To Kyle's fortune, the Syndicate and their partners were not the only ones looking for him. Upon learning of their cousin being alive, Nagumo and Akemi Tanaka set out to find the missing heir to their families legacy. They enlisted the help of a certain section of Starfleet intelligence, as well as help from personal friends of Kyle's father Gabriel. Jean-Luc Picard, now Captain of the USS Stargazer, Walter Keel and Jack Crusher had all served on the Yorktown-C with Gabriel under Admiral Sir Richards, all of whom had made a pact long ago to bring justice to those who had murdered their friend. Learning that Kyle was still alive gave them a blessing of hope, as they had also with the help of Nagumo and Akemi slowly pieced together the conspiracy behind the murder and corporate take over of the Tanaka Consortium.

Nagumo and Akemi arrived on Vestra shortly before Syndicate assassins sent to finish Kyle and any who knew him. With their help, another batch of would-be assassins were dealt with. Despite their lull of love for each other as children, Akemi had convinced Kyle to finally stop running and seek vengeance upon those who had murdered their family. Raeltor, and her father, Korros, also felt it within their honor and obligation as a friend to assist Kyle on his 'right of vengeance'. Korros gave Kyle command of the refitted K'Vort class warship, Hoh yeg'na. Rael and several of the House of Korros best and most feared warriors accompanied Nagumo, Akemi, Kyle and his wayward band on this quest. But first, Akemi informed Kyle of a meeting he was set to make with several other friends of the family.

The yegna rendezvous with the USS Stargazer at Elas was a difficult one for Kyle as it was for Jean-Luc, Jack, and Walter. They had only known Kyle as a child, and knew precious little of the Tanaka family he was born into. After talking face to face for several hours, Kyle decided to take matters into his own hands and destroy the Cambora Cartel that had murdered his family and turned his life upside down at such a young age. Jean-Luc tried on convincing Kyle of taking the matter to the Federation authorities, giving them the wealth of evidence Gabriel's former shipmates and Akemi had acquired over the years. Kyle had other plans. He wanted to kill these people with his bare hands, and his shipmates along with Rael and the house of Korros saw things the same way. Akemi joined Kyle and the others on this mission, as the yegna left Elas Kyle did send a secret message of thanks to Jean-Luc, who was emotionally disappointed at the young mans decision.

Over the next few months, Kyle and his crew had made major headaches for the Cambora. Due to Kyle's intricate knowledge of many Cartels pirate activities, the crew of the Yegna were able to systematically dismantle the cartels forces ship by ship, annihilating hidden supply depots and resources the cartel used to fund its illegal activities in the Triangle and the Borderlands. Nerad'Sar, the leader of the Cambora had sent ship after ship to deal with what the Klingon government called 'renegade' activities of the mysterious Klingon warship. In reality, Korros's connection with the Klingon High Council allowed Kyle to operate with impunity from the Klingon government. To them, the yegna was efficiently performing a job the KDF had struggled with for centuries; the near infinite resources of many Orion syndicate cartels. Beyond the Klingon inability to tear, the council was hardly willing to stop Kyle's activities in the face of such success.

Finally, a prisoner from a destroyed Cambora supply station gave Kyle and Akemi under brutal interrogation all the info they needed to prove that Nerad'Sar, Rhammadan of one of the most renowned Orion shipping corporations was indeed the leader of the notorious Cambora, as well as partial architect of the demise of the Tanaka family. They also learned that Vito Cardone, leader of a Terran colony that had settled on Orion over 150 years ago, as well as jealous members of Kyle's own family, were also complicit in the conspiracy as well. Kyle stored the information and transmitted it to the Stargazer, knowing Jean-Luc would know what to do with it. Kyle and the crew of the Yegna, were now ready to finish their right of vengeance upon the Cambora.

Traveling to Orion, Kyle, Akemi, and his friends infiltrated the might castle of Nerad'Sar. After an intense hand to hand, hallway to hallway battle, Kyle found and executed Nerad'Sar, and anyone who had shared in their plot to destroy him and his family. Finally, it was over. Federation and Orion authorities received the evidence Kyle had obtained, and arrested the rest of the Cambora that the yegna's crew had helped expose. Making headlines, the crew of the Yegna were immune from persecution by Orion authorities, having all the incidents taking place within Orion controlled space and neutral territories along the border, many Orion officials were eternally grateful for their vigilante services. The Klingons also honored Kyle and his crew for their activities, while within the Federation their actions came under intense public debate that culminated in mass public praise for their actions. Telan, Delvna, Coltak, and the other members of the Thefts crew went their own separate ways, using their recognition to their advantage from then on. Rael, and the Yegna's crew returned to Vestra, and the house of Korros elevated in stature to the level of members of the high council, and Kyle was left undecided of his next move. Offered by Jean-Luc Picard to join the Federation Starfleet, recognizing his unique skills, Kyle turned down the offer, feeling that deep down he was far too 'dirty' to serve in such an organization. Lost, and without purpose once again, Kyle left for the stars, leaving the surviving members of the Tanaka family to rebuild their lives under refreshed motivation.

Through the help of his friends in Salvage, and his unrelenting  search to finally incite justice upon his Family's Murders, he ended the long feud and avenged his parents death by financially and personally disrupting the Operations of the Rival Corporations, executing the Arch Executive and conspirators responsible for his families execution. As a result, his Families Corporate assets and stock were inherited and regained by Kyle. He in turn, turned over control to scattered and surviving members of his mothers families staff.  He didn't want his past to come out and incriminate his family name or the Cooperate business and livelihood of so many, and went off on his own again.

Kyle found himself joining the Federation merchant Marine, where he was given the job of Quartermaster aboard the Merchant vessel Diligent.  (2352-2356)

**Federation Merchant Marine Database:
 File on Kyle Roberts  Classified under Starfleet Intelligence Order Section-31 496521.2, Starfleet Command**

Early Career

After his time in the Federation Merchant Marine, Kyle found his way to Starfleet and began what would become a long and distinguished career. But, it was not without it's bumps along the way. Due to the fact that he did technically have a bloodline that was genetically enhanced, Starfleet Academy had initially rejected his application for admission. Only due to the vigorous testimony by his self-appointed legal representative, Jean-Luc Picard and Admiral Edward Sir Richards, was Kyle finally allowed to attend Starfleet academy. They had argued that Kyle should not be punished for being born who he was, that officers of Starfleet's past such as Ambassador Spock and Representative Saavik were born of mixed heritage. For Kyle, the firewall that was emplace in Starfleet as a result of Earths eugenics wars was found unconstitutional to subvert his rights as an individual.

Kyle was accredited as a junior in Starfleet Academy, having enough experience in the Andorian and Federation Merchant marine to forgo rudimentary training all Starfleet Cadets received. In fact, it was noted by several of Kyle's professors that he had more space experience than most Starfleet officers currently serving, and innate knowledge of unconventional tactics and actions gave him an unusual edge on his fellow cadets.

During his first year at the Academy, Kyle found it extremely difficult to adjust to Earth and Federation life. He befriended two other cadets who seemed to at least 'think' on the same level he did, Senior William Riker, and Mackenzie Calhoun. The trio earned quite a reputation at the academy for their skills, and their many wild pranks and parties. When Will and Mackenzie graduated that year, Kyle decided to take them on a trip to Rigel for some 'fun'. After enduring an unexpected and intense adventure during their vacation, William still notes to this day that he should have went to Pacifica.

Kyle majored in Advanced Field Engineering, Starship Design and established the first dedicated all purpose Piloting Corps on Izar, setting an unprecedented standard for all Cadets to follow.   He also became a legend in the field of Stellar Aviation during his first year, as well as a bright student with extreme potential in the eyes of his instructors. He was soon inducted into the Advanced tactical training course, and graduated at the top of his class. 

His final year at the Academy was part of the Advanced tactical training Course, where half the inducted class washes out every year. Kyle Graduated from the Advanced school with Class peers, and his first assignment was the formation of the now infamous Special Forces unit, RRT6.


Personality Profile:
Calm, Cool collected under pressure. Kyle attempts to keep his more aggressive tendencies under check. Something he's always practiced since he was a Child and learning Martial arts, to adopting the Orion code of Cluros. Though not known to many, once unleashed for a deep enough reason Kyle's aggressive side can only be equaled by the most aggressive species ever encountered. Perhaps dealing with his training in the Ganzii, to perhaps pent up frustration and his criminal lifestyle growing up can only be confirmed by Kyle himself.

His Cold, professional side reflects a man considered a tactical genius by his peers and foes alike. Possibly making more enemies then friends, his temperance and training reveals an exceptional officer who doesn't feel deterred in anyway about expressing what's on his mind. Even to higher ranking officers and any person respectively, Kyle lives by the rule that 'Trust is Earned, not given away". This often rides on the nerves of his fellow officers, which doesn't bother Kyle one bit. He'd like to keep his fellow officers on their toes. He is also know for smoking hand rolled dutch cigars, rumored to be laced with a peculiar red-orange Rigellian herb that has been cultivated for 300 years and legal in the modern Federation.



Fitness 5
 Vitality + 2
Coordination 5
 Dexterity + 1
 Reaction + 2
Intellect 5
 Perception + 2
Presence 5
 Willpower + 3
Psi 1


Administration (Starbase Administration) 5
 Starship Administration (5)
 Fleet Administration (5)
Artistic Expression (Martial Arts) 3 (4)
 Bass Guitar (3)
Athletics (Hockey) 2 (3)
 Martial Science (5)
 Mountain Climbing (3)
Command (Starship Command) 5 (6)
 Starbase Command (5)
Computer (Research) 1 (2)
Culture (Human/Terran) 2 (3)
 Orion (4)
 Rigelian (4)
 Klingon (3)
Diplomacy (Intergalatic Affairs) 2 (3)
 Business Deals (3)
Dodge (5)
Energy Weapons (Phaser/ Alien Pistol) 4 (5)
Espionage (Intelligence techniques) 1 (2)
First Aid (Wound/Combat Trauma) 2 (3)
History (Federation) 2 (3)
 Human (3)
 Orion (4)
 Rigelian (4)
 Rigel (4)
Intimidation (Bluster) 3 (4)
 Federation Standard 3
 Orion 3
 Rigelian 3
 Rigelian Trade Lingo 3
 Klingon 1
 Japanese 2
Law (Federation/ Starfleet Regulation) 4 (5)
 Rigel System (5)
Material Engineering (Starship Design) 3 (4)
 Advaced Warp Propulsion Theory (3)
 Tactical Weaponry (4)
Personal Equipment (Comunicator) 1 (2)
 Metal Lighter 1 (2)
Persuasion (Debate) 2 (3)
 Barter (3)
Planetside Survival (All Terrain)
 Rigel VI (4)
 Rigel VII (4)
Primitive Weaponry (Orion Sword of Cleavance) 5 (6)
 Various Bladed and Blunt end Weapons (4)
Propulsion Engineering (Warp Drive)
Search 4
Social Sciences (Xeno-Archeology) 2 (3)
Space Science (Astrophysics) 2 (3)
 Astrigation (4)
Shipboard Systems (Command) 3 (4)
 Flight Control (4)
 Sensors (4)
 Tactical (5)
Starship Tactics (Romulan) 4 (5)
 Cardassian (4)
 Dominion (4)
 Draconan (4)
 Vegan (4) +1 *
 Breen (4)
 Klingon (4)
* Only Starfleet Commanding officer with intimate knowledge of how to combat the Vegan Tyrrany Armada’s
Stealth (Stealthy movements) 4 (5)
Strategic Operations (Frontier Strategies) 3 (4)
 Fleet Engagments (4)
Systems Engineering (Weapons Systems) 3 (4)
Theology (Rigelian) 2 (3)
 Orion (3)
 Terran (3)
Unarmed Combat
 (Starfleet Hand to Hand training) 4 (5)
 Jujistu (5)
 Ganzii Martial Blend (6)*
Vehicle Operations (Various small Stellar and atmoshpere operating craft as well as most species Starships. Can adapt to exotic and strange controls)
World Knowledge (Rigel System) 3 (4)
 Botchock (Orion) (4)
 Earth (3)


Alertness (+2)
Alien Upbringing (+1)
Ally (+4) (Admiral Sir Richards, Starfleet)
Ambidexterity (+2)
Athletic Ability (+2)
Bold (+1)
Commendation (+3) (Vegan Incident, Arkanis attack, Dominion War)
Contact (+3) (Romulan, Klingon and Cardassian Governments. Orion/Rigel system Coorperate Administrators)
Eidetic Memory (+3)
Engineering Aptitude (+3)
Excellent Balance (+1)
Excellent Hearing (+2)
Excellent Metabolism (+1)
Excellent Sight (+2)
Famous Incident ( Vegan Incident, Arkanis, Dominion War)
Favor Owed ( )
High Pain Threshold (+2)
Innovative (+1)
Language Skills (+2)
Multi-Tasking (+2)
Night Vision (+2)
Peripheral Vision (+1)
Patron (Toyatomi Michika, Tanaka Corp Executive)
Quick-Draw (+2)
Rapid Healing (+1)
Resolute (+3)
Sense of Direction (+1)
Sexy (+2)
Shrewd (+1)
Species Friend (Klingon, Tagrohn/Orion/Rigelian) (+4)
Strong Will (+2)
Tactical Genius (+3)
Toughness (+2)
Weapon Master (+5)
Zero-G Training (+2)
Chronic Pain (-2)
Code of Honor (Cluros) (-3)
Dark Secrect (-3)
Bad Chemoreception (-1)
Hides Emotions (-2)
Marked Man (-3)
Obligation (-2)
Obsessive Tendacies (-2)
Rival (Zelus) (-3)
Shady Background (-5)
Speices Enemy (Romulan) (-4)
Sworn Enemy (-3)
Vengeful (-1)

Courage:  10

Renown: 68

 Aggresion: 16 Discipline: 12  Inivative: 14
 Openess: 8  Skill: 20

Wound Levels: 5/5/5/5/5/5/0