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Breen Weaponry & Technology

    One of the primary weapons of the Klingons, Romulans, and the Breen not tomention various others, is the Disruptor. The Cardassians use a variant, the Spiral-wave disruptor that moves energy through it's system differently. Disruptors create highly- charged, powerful beams of plasma using microscopic amounts of anti-matter. This makes the comparative model more powerful that a phaser, but less versitile.
    Breen and Romulan disruptors leave an anti-proton residue. The amount of decay allowes the time of use to be estimated by observant Sensor/operations personnel. Breen Disruptors can fire in Beam or pulses, and are blue in color.

Poleron Beams:
    Poleron beams are the standard beam weapon of the Dominion. Powerful, and possesing several useful tactica aplications, their a perfect weapon for such a belligerent, militeristic species such as the Jem`Hadar. From 2370-2373 Federation vessels shields were utterly useless against Poleron beam weapons; their deflectors provided no defense against them whatsoever despite harmonic variations and nutation. In 2373, Starfleet developed a defense against them to allow the Poleron beams to effect their shields normally as any other beam weapon would. Poleron beams can also disrupt a tractor beam. They are as Versitile as Phasers, but as powerful as Disruptors as their main advantage over Phasers and Disruptors alike.

Breen vessels are known to employ Poleron beams as a Secondary defensive weapon mount aside from their Primary Disruptor beam weapons and Torpedo Heavy Weapons. After the alliance with the Dominion, states such as Bota Rez and Xilk Tre began to employ Type 8 and 9 Poleron emitters on their Gor Taan class flagships as a point defense system to shoot down incoming objects, fighters and/or projectiles, since the larger disruptors were very poor inthe point defense method. Type 9 Poleron beams are equal in firepower to Type X Phasers.

Type II Standard Photons:
    The most common type of Photon torpedo used in most spaceborne fleets throuhgout the quadrants. Measureing 18.5 isoton yeild, all Breen vessels are quipped to fire these weapons. Other variations are the Type XII and the type IX equivilants, nearing 25 isotons in yield.

Heavy Photons:
    Heavy photons require High-Yield launchers to fire at their maximum capacity. If used in a standard launcher they only equal a standard Photon torpedo. Essentially the same type of High-Yield Photon used by both the Federation (Type XI Photons/Voyager and Intrepid class's) and the Klingon Heavy Photon.

Plasma Torpedoes:
    Plasma Torpedoes are balls of plasma (matter on the verge of becoming energy.) They are the heaviest of the known heavy Weapons in the alpha and beta Quadrants, with possibly excluding the Hydran Fusion beams and Adiam heavy munitions rockets. They are devastating at close range, more then 2x the power of a Standard Quantum Torpedo, but the farther the Torpedo must travel to the target the less of an impact it will do to that target. At it's farthest range it's hits with the impact of a Type II Photon.

Fireing modes:
Normal-This is the Standard Plasma Torpedo
Enveloping Plasma Torpedo (EPT)- Additional energy is applied to increase the size of the Torpedo and to change the field that holds the torpedo together. The field is modifed to envelop the tagert and cuase damage to all shield vectors and arcs. the Amount of damage is the same as a standard Plasma, but causes damage to all shields simaltainiously.
Defensive (Shotgun)- The Plasma Torpedo has a problem inattacking smaller units. A Single Plasma torp is usually overkill for a shuttle or Fighter, for example. Fortunatley, a Single plasma Torpedo can be divided into smaller Type-F Plasma's, each Torpedo must a a valid and specific target. At least 1 torpedo will be fired at your current target, the rest will lock onto legal targets within the firing arc of the launch.

Plasma Torpedo Types:
Type-R: The Standard Enveloping Plasma Torepdo, and the largest Plasma known. Commonly found in the Romulan navy and less so in the Gorn Navy. It requires 2x the power of a Standard Plasma, reducing the Torpedo launchers fireing spread by .5. They are colored red, and have a slightly shorter range than Type-S or F Plasma's
Type-S: And improved version of the older Type-G plasma Torepdo operated by the Gorn, this is the standard Plasma Torpedo for all vessels in the Breen fleet. The Type-S is colored blue and are tyicially fired 2 per High-Yield Launcher.
Type-F: The Smallest Plasma Torpedo availible.

Energy Disapator:
    The Improved version of the devasating weapon, the Modern 'Phase' Disapator encasies the Disapator energy in a Verteron flux field, enabling it to counter the shield improvments made to counter the older version of the Disapator. It cuases 25% shield reduction and disruption of Subspace systems (Transporters, Communications, Targeting Sensors) for 3 turns/posts.

    Due to the nature of Regenerative shielding, the Disapator is drawn into the ships sheild matrix and reacts by completly nullifying the shields and proceeding to drain the ship of all power within 4 turns/posts.

Isolytic Subspace Weaponry:
    Used by the Son`a and various other peoples that perfer power over the laws of war, these widley outlawed weapons have unpredicatble effects and can cuase tears in susbpace fabric. A tear opens near a starship and is instantly atracted to the Subspace distortion created by the Warp engines of the Starship and moves towards it at warp 1. The Tear also inhibits warp travel for at least 2 Atronomical units (Earths diameter orbit around Sol) for all vessels within the tears area. If a tear contacts a ship it tears it apart, but the detonation of the warp drive system so seals the tear. Subspace in the area remains dangeruously unstable forever after, cuasing problems for any ship traveling through the area.
    A Ship trying to escape a tear can eject it's warp core, move away and then detonate the core when the tear gets close to it. If it suceeds, the tear is sealed and subspace in the area is restorted to normal. Failure in any degree means the tear ignores the detonation and continues to cuase havok in subspace, ignoreing the ship, or causing a massive subspace implosion, sending out shockwaves of subspace distortions.
    Due to the unpredicable nature of the weapons, they don't always cause a subspace tear or one in the same sense each time. Normally they simply act as a pulse beam weapon, similar to a heavy Phaser canon. Below is the listing of the weapon mounts and die chance ratio of causing a tear or other subspace effect:

Type        Power        Damage        Tear
Small        60               600               2 on a 2d6
Large       90                900              1 on a 1d6

Defensive Shielding:
    Typically the same as found on Dominion craft with the ability to deflect Tractor beams from locking onto it. It also includes Multi-Phasic and Multi-Spectral properties found on Starfleets most advanced vessels.

    Also based on Dominion technology with added innvoation baed on recently aquired Borg technology, the Breens standard transporters can cover distances of 3 lightyears and can penetrate Sheilding of a Starbase or Ships if under 50%. This does not constitute automatic success. Modulated shielding prevents the Transporter from pentrating a weakened shield, such as Nutational sheilding employed to defend against the Borg.

    Breen Propulsiontechnology seems to be on the Dominion par, and equal to the fastest Federation craft. It is also rumored the Breen may be employing Dominion Transwarp drives on several of their ships, gained when the Breen were members of the Dominion over 2 years ago.

Weapons Comparison List:
                 (5 per shot standard)
                 Type 13 Heavy Disruptors: 280 Damage
                 Type 12 Disruptors: 260 Damage
                 Type 11 Disrtuptors: 240 Damage (Type XII Phaser, Warbird Phase
                                Disruptor Equivilant)
                 (3 per shot standard)
                 Type 10 Disruptors: 220 Damage
                 Type 9 Disruptors/Type X Phasers: 200 damage

                 High-Yield Heavy Photon: 500 Damage *
                 Mark I Quantum Torpedo: 400 Damage
                 Type II Photon Torpedo: 200 Damage (Most common)
                 Plasma Torpedo: 900 Damage (Drops off the farther the target is from
                                 the launch. Least amount of Damage is 200. Deadly at
                                 close range.)*
                 Mark III Quantum: 500 Damage *
                 Mark IV Quantum: 600 Damage (Rare, only several SF vessels are known
                                  to have them)*

                 *= Require High-Yield Launchers

More to be added soon.......